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Our Baby Goats, Valerie and Margie


Dr. Hutchinson with Valerie and Margie, two beautiful babies born on our farm! I remember this day. I came to our farm at our lunch time and found our “Mama” in labor with Valerie. She had already had Margie. Valerie was coming into this world backwards, which was a worry as this was our first “kids” born at the farm. I encouraged her and soon enough we had Valerie here. I watched them to see that they started to nurse right away although a little wobbly on their feet. I came back to work that day so excited to tell my afternoon patient that we had just had baby goats for the first time. Dr. Hutchinson and the staff were so excited! These pictures are the babies later that same night. Dr. Hutchinson was so proud!—By: Jennifer Hutchinson