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Goodby Sweet Coco

It is was a sad weekend for our farm.  We lost our sweet goat Coco, who was the father of the twin girls we had in the spring.  He started to not act like himself a few days before.  We took him to the vet however we could not figure out where he was hurting and all vitals were good.  We did IV fluids and went home with pain medication to see if that would help.  The next morning Coco’s muscles in his legs started to become very stiff.  We rushed back to the vet as these symptoms were new.  The vet then knew that Coco was showing signs of tetanus infection.  Though he had been vaccinated with the CDT shot you give goats, he still got sick.  He had to be put down on Saturday morning.  He passed away peacefully with his Mommy.  We will miss him always!